————- 2023 Charity’s – Descriptions and Poll

The following four organizations have been submitted by members for a selection of one for 2023.  Please see the poll below and select from the list below one selection

The Farley Foundation. With the price if vet expenses rising so much these past few years especially after Covid, this program helps people in need keep their pets.

Farley Foundation assists low-income pet owners by subsidizing the non-elective veterinary medical care of their sick/injured pets & animals

Read more about THE FARLEY FOUNDATION   It’s part of Canada Helps and is National 


Balfour Friends: We have Balfour friends here on Vancouver Island that helps families with vet expenses https://balfoursfriends.com/

Balfour’s Friends Foundation – Victoria BC


Wounded Warriors that provides service dogs to veterans and other services. Also part of Canada Helps and is National

Canadian Veteran Service Dog Unit


 Canadian Veteran Service Dog Unit


National Service Dogs


Home – National Service Dogs