As the National Breed Club of Canada we take the protection of the breed very seriously.  We have a dedicated group of committee members who dedicate their time to the protection of Havanese needing rescue and rehoming.  Our members of the National Club also take on the responsibility and ownership of “owning” what they breed, so it is very seldom that a well respected breeder ever has a dog in rescue.  However there are times and situations where an owner can not care for their havanese and we provide that safe, confidential outlet to ensure that both the owner and the dog are taken care of.

We currently do not have any rescues in our care at the moment but if you require the following;

  • Information about rescue
  • To be put on the wait list for a rescue,
  • Have need of our rescue services
  • Can provide foster or pick up care

Contact our rescue char Rescue 

Rescue is an expensive endeavour.  Almost always dogs coming into our care require vet treatment, shots, worming, dental, training, and evaluation, Havanese Fanciers of Canada do not release a rescue dog into care without ensuring the dog is medically sound and treated for any issues that owners may have neglected.  If you are interested in making a donation to our rescue mission of ensuring all Havanese have a great home and a great life please contact our rescue chair who will direct you on how to do so.  Rescue

To make a donation to our Havanese Rescue Fund, please click below