The Havanese Fanciers of Canada’s (HFC) Versatility Awards Program

The Havanese Fanciers of Canada’s (HFC) Versatility Awards program is intended to stimulate interest and encourage participation of Havanese in the Canadian Kennel Club’s many varied activities; to acknowledge an individual dog’s accomplishments and to applaud the versatility of the Havanese breed.


The HFC Versatility Awards are available to dogs meeting the requirements below

  • Dogs must be owned or co-owned by HFC Member;
  • Only titles awarded by the Canadian Kennel Club (CKC) will be considered;

Versatility Award requirements may be added to, or amended in the future to accommodate any new disciplines/titles added by the Canadian Kennel Club;

Members must submit an application for each of the Versatility Awards and provide proof of their dogs titles (photocopy of title certificate);

The Versatility Awards shall be presented once a year at the HFC National Specialty Banquet.  The Awards and Accomplishments records keeper or other designated individual shall present the awards.

The award will be mailed in a timely manner after the banquet to those unable to attend.

BRONZE VERSATILITY        10 PTS           –           2 CATEGORIES

SILVER VERSATILITY           15 PTS           –           3 CATEGORIES

GOLD VERSATILITY             20 PTS           –           3 CATEGORIES

PLATINUM VERSATILITY   30 PTS           –           4 CATEGORIES  must include 1 championship title from any category

Note:  The points allocated for titles in any one category should not be totalled.  The highest points, applicable to the highest title obtained in that category, will be the points counted.    At the initial application for a versatility award, the owner would apply for the award at the highest level the dog has currently achieved.  For example, an owner making an initial application for a dog with 15 points in 3 categories will apply for Silver Versatility. To achieve the next award level, you would submit the additional requirements on the award level already earned.