Havanese Fanciers of Canada Membership

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The Havanese Fanciers of Canada are pleased to accept current applications to join the HFC club.  There are four levels of memberships available.  Click on the links below to find the requirements of each type of membership.

Check the links at the bottom of the page for information and applications on each type of membership

Is this Club for you?  The HFC is a club for show enthusiasts, Havanese breeders, pet therapy handlers, performance competitors, casual trainers, pet owners and anyone else who owns Havanese. If you own a Havanese and are looking for ways to volunteer your time and skills for the betterment of the breed, to meet and network with other Havanese Fanciers across the country, to have a voice on issues that matter to the future of the Havanese breed in Canada, to have an outlet to express your passionate love of the breed and have some fun along the way, the HFC may be for you.

Connect!  Make new friends through newsletter, e-groups, puppy parties and special events.

Got Questions?  We’ve got answers. Get advice on everything from the best time to bring your puppy home to dealing with separation anxiety and training issues from our e-mail community and our experienced breeders and owners.  For information on membership contact our membership committee at this link.

Resources!  The Club is an active, vibrant community. You can learn more about the Havanese breed and all aspects of ownership on our website which is constantly being updated with articles, pictures and information.  In addition, membership gives you access to over 55 members across the country, some with 30+ years of experience.  No questions will go unanswered.

Newsletter!  All memberships include a free subscription to our Quarterly Newsletter. “Hav News and Views” provides a great opportunity to announce special events, explore breed issues, share information, stories & pictures and keep in touch with fanciers across the country.  The newsletter is packed with articles on health, training, recipes and tips

Membership!  If you would like more involvement in the breed and the Club and want to consider applying for membership check out the below links to familiarize yourself with our club standards and application process.

Participate!  If you are not ready for membership, you can still be involved. You do not need a membership to participate, help out, or be active in HFC sponsored events and activities. Contact your provincial director from our web page for information.  Directors are listed under our Board and Committee Page

Prior to applying do a little homework.  First reach out to a club member you know for guidance through the process and the best type of membership for you.  If you do not know a club member contact membershipcommittee at this link and information will be provided on how to start the process.

When you are serious about applying, and have determined what type of membership is best, you will need to review these links and documents prior to submitting your application:  (links will be available shortly – under construction)

If you prefer to print out a copy of the application and fill in by hand, the download forms are available below.  If you choose this method you will need to either take photos of all information or scan all information and email the package to the membership committee