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This section is dedicated to free downloads of information as well as sales of books regarding Breed standards, grooming care and Havanese calendars.  Our vision is to continue to update information for downloads here and provide links to reference material endorsed by our membership.    If you have any questions on ordering our books, or wish to inquire about special pricing on a bulk order please email  books

Havanese Fanciers of Canada is Canada’s CKC accredited National breed club. We are a not-for-profit organization dedicated to the protection, preservation and responsible promotion of the Havanese breed in Canada.

Some of the ways in which the HFC achieves this are:

Educating the public about the Havanese breed
Encouraging responsible ownership
Serving as a resource to Havanese breeders and owners

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Our Fall Newsletter.  Our club Newsletters are filled with information on health, training, current vet trends, recipes and articles on all things Havanese.  The Quarterly Newsletter is free to download for anyone visiting our website.



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Illustrated Havanese Breed Standard

Our much-praised and, awarded Illustrated Standard of the breed is an essential guide for those wishing to know what the breed standard is for CKC Havanese, but also for the pet owner who wishes to be educated on what is important for the purebred Havanese.  Judges, breeders, pet owners and members have been thrilled with our Illustrated Standard, and we have received high praise from CKC and other breed clubs on how well and easily we educate on what the breed should be.

Companion to the official Canadian Kennel Club breed standard. Get to know the breed from inside out and understand the defining traits and subtle differences that make a Havanese a Havanese.

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Multi award winning publication. Companion to the official Canadian Kennel Club breed standard.Get to know the breed from inside out and understand the defining traits and subtle differences that make a Havanese a Havanese.

Clear, easy-to-read, fully illustrated format
Glossary of common terminology
In depth breed study
Comprehensive commentary
Key elements of breed type
Judging tips
Almost 100 detailed illustrations
Plus a handy laminated quick reference insert

Produced and published by the Havanese Fanaciers of Canada Inc. Fully illustrated with beautiful original Havanese artwork. Conveniently sized for comfortable reading and to tuck easily into a briefcase, 8 1/2 x 11 inches, saddle stitch bound. Also includes a handy laminated insert for a one page at-a-glance breed summary.

Price: $19.95 (CAN)
Postage within Canada and the USA: $5.00
International Postage: $11.00

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When  ordering any books from our site, please ensure you click on the down arrow and pick the correct country for shipping.  We try our best to ship quickly but we like to set expectations for 4 to 6 weeks for delivery.  Any issues or questions contact

From Nose to Tail
A grooming handbook

Message from the Havanese Fanciers of Canada and the Authors

Among new and not so new Havanese owners, “Grooming” is one of the most common topics for questions. No one single person is an authority on every aspect of grooming; but, if you get many people, each contributing their great tips, tried and true techniques, and innovative ways to make things easier, you end up with a phenomenal wealth of information on many topics. Put those all together and you get FROM NOSE TO TAIL. Let us help you keep your Havanese looking great.

Not a Havanese? We still have you covered. From Nose to Tail is suitable for all drop-coated or long-haired breeds. Our tips and techniques will help you succeed in maintaining a beautiful long or short coat, regardless of your breed.

Printed in full colour!

Our Nose to Tail grooming book was a labour of love, collaboration and hard work.  A handful of our most knowledgeable breeders, groomers and members put together a guide on what you need to know to care for the grooming and care of your Havanese.  This book has been reprinted countless times and is a must-have for those who own this breed.


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Written in a simple, easy-to-read format. Included is step-by-step information and instruction on grooming the Havanese and other long haired dogs, from line brushing to bathing to paw trimming and many more topics.

Do you know how to properly remove a tangled burr from a long coat?
Ever wondered how to keep the head hair out of the eyes?

Nose to Tail is an in-depth, detailed book of the most asked about aspects of grooming long-haired dogs. Over 200 pages full of tips, tricks and techniques for keeping your pet looking good, whether you are a new or not so new owner. Dip into the wealth of experience that our long-time owners, breeders and groomers have to offer and keep your dog looking great! Not only for Havanese, Nose to Tail is also perfect for other long haired breeds.

Fully Illustrated in Colour with over 300 photos and diagrams. Spiral bound format for easy reference.

The grooming handbook of The Havanese Fanciers of Canada FROM NOSE TO TAIL is a handy resource for all your grooming questions. Dog Writers Association of America Award-nominated and Publishers Best-Seller.

Sneak peak into CHAPTER 6
Havanese in a topknot twist

Havanese are long haired with a profuse coat all over the body as well as an abundance of hair on the head. They often look to be unruly little mop-tops. Traditionally, in Cuba, the head hair was never cut or fastened in any way as it was believed to protect the eyes from the harsh tropical sun. The head fall of a Havanese is beautiful and can certainly be left loose. Many owners, however, prefer to fasten the head fall in some way for ease of maintenance and daily wear. Fastening the hair on top of the head is a personal choice for everyday maintenance. It may help to keep the hair out of the eyes, mouth and food dish, let your Havanese see clearly and also let you see the lovely eyes and expression. There are many different styles you can choose from for fastening the hair, ranging from plain and simple, to intricate, to embellished with accessories.

Have you ever admired a topknot twist on a Havanese and wished you knew how it was done. Wonder no more. From Nose to tail can show you the secret to this style and many more; 14 pages of tips, techniques and photos outlining different topknot styles, as well as bang options for pets. Over 25 head hair solutions in all.



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About Our Authors

From Nose to Tail encompasses all three. The book was created as an educational tool to help owners everywhere learn to maintain their Havanese. Noel Hynds and Suzanne McKay combined their creative talents and graciously shared the writing and editing responsibilities to make this project a reality.

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Noel Hynds has written dog-related articles for The Temiskaming Kennel Club, The Havanese Fanciers Of Canada newsletter and Our Havanese. Through the years, she shared her passion for dogs with her three children and has continued active involvement in the junior handling competitions for her local kennel club. A patient husband who volunteered to serve as “kennel help” completes the picture. Her two Havanese are a balm to a work-weary soul at the end of a long day. She is a passionate advocate of clicker training and taught classes for a number of years. She gives occasional seminars at the Veterinarian Technician program at the college on a variety of subjects. Noel considers it an honour to have been involved in the writing and editing of the official grooming book for The Havanese Fanciers Of Canada.

Suzanne McKay has been involved with the Havanese breed since 1994 and has been writing for much longer. Her canine related writings have appeared in assorted national and international publications for many years; Literary works include poetry, short stories, columns, articles, features and educational studies. Fuzzy Tales and Faux-Paws, Prairie Pawprints, Tail Teasers and Teacher’s Pet are some favourite by-lines. She has also wrote a decade of breedlines columns for Dogs In Canada. Other publications span collaborations in “Joyous Havanese” and a Havanese Illustrated Standard as well her own award-winning book Woofs, Wiggles and Wags and Pawprints:The Joys of Life with a Havanese Puppy. Sharing her life in the Canadian Prairies are one very supportive husband and her multiple Havanese, all participating in a myriad of canine activities. Suzanne is honoured to be one of the collaborative authors of “From Nose to Tail” for the Havanese Fanciers of Canada.

The Illustrated Standard booklet was a labour of love involving over a year of work and the collaboration of our most experienced members on the standard and breed type.  The committee who made this vision come to reality were;  Suzanne McKay, Lauren Goebel, Cindy MacLean, Paula Martel, Claire Paulson and our editors Penny Will and Noel Hynds.



In the Works

We are currently working on an overall guide of havanese ownership.  It is a booklet that covers many of the questions and gives helpful advice on our breed, ownership and also show confirmation, agilely, obedience and versatility.

Stay tuned for more information.