Collection of Photo of the Month Havanese

Some wonderful Havanese have graced up with their presence over the years and here are a few who graced our main page:

Photo of the Month - November 2009


"Hello, My name is Circa and I happily live in Toronto."

"Mom says winter is coming soon but I will just enjoy the colour of the leaves just a little bit longer, thank you."  Submitted by L Burke

Photo of the Month - October 2009

"My name is Mac but you can call me Spooky Mac!"

In the spirit of Halloween, Mac comes out at night to offer a trick in exchange for a treat.

Photo of the month - September 2009

Petey (age 6) is the one in the harness and Holly (age 10) is the one trying to hitch a ride.

Photo of the Month - August 2009

Lovely Barika enjoying the sun at home.

Photo of the Month - May 2009

Fiona says that May is a time to enjoy spring, wrestle with your furry sibblings and friends.  Sit back, unwine, and let the spring breeze rule your evening.

Photo of the Month - March 2009

Photo of the month: March

This little Easter Bunny works hard all year round delivering Easter eggs to children.  Don't let those darling eyes, wet nose, and waggible tail fool you - she is indeed an honest to goodness Easter Bunny.  I also hear she works for doggie treats but just keep that between you and me.