The Havanese come in so many colours, why are there limited choices?

The list was expanded to the current choices in January 2010 according to the maximum number that CKC allows.  
A list to include every single colour, pattern and marking variation possible in Havanese would extend to well over 100 choices. This is simply not possible on a registration form. Many variations are subtle and may be quite subjective based on the eye of the beholder. CKC suggests more general categories for registration purposes.  While some registries permit two choices, one for colour and one for pattern, the CKC permits only one selection. 

These are the choices on the registration form and for online registrations. Additional selections may be made using "other" for a colour where one of these does not fit. The colour and patterns choices we have now were selected in an effort to cover the broadest range of Havanese and the most common colours found in the breed. 
Note: It is recommended that colours for registration be determined at birth to a few weeks of age rather than  "guessing" what colour a Havanese many be at maturity.