Why are there so many varieties of Sable?

 There can be a wide variation in the appearance of Sable Havanese. As newborn puppies they will appear as a base colour interspersed with dark hairs. The base coat can vary, ranging from cream, to gold to red.  The amount of dark coat can be heavy or sparse, and can be deep black or charcoal or silver. The more dark coat there is, the darker the dog will appear overall.  Some Sable Havanese have very little dark coat, in which case they may appear to be the base colour with just a few dark hairs here and there. The ears, tail and along the spine seem to be where the dark coat is most concentrated.  The differences in intensity of base coat colour and extent of dark tipping are what makes some Sables appear lighter and others darker. The puppies below are both Sable with touches of white.

Many people include the base coat colour when talking about Sables, so you will hear about Red Sable, Gold Sable etc.  Some registires have colour choices for each of these variations, others do not and group them all together under the general heading of "Sable".