What is a "point" pattern?

Points are lighter markings on specific areas of the body similar to the markings on a Doberman or Rottweiler. The lighter markings “points” appear on the eyebrows, cheeks, inside the ears, muzzle, chest, feet and vent (under the tail). Points can vary in extent and intensity. The colour can be variable from very pale to darker more intense colour in tan shades from off-white to pale gold to deep mahogany or in silver shades from platinum to silver to pewter. The point colour can be solid or brindled.  Black&Tan, Blakc&silver and Tricolour are examples that include points.
The colour of the points may hold their intensity or soften as the dog matures.  In a long coated dog like the Havanese, points may become obscured as the coat grows in. Points will be most noticeable on a puppy.