The puppy at the Pet store looks so lonely – It needs me

FALSE – but that sure is what the pet stores want you to see. Of course the puppies are lonely. They are locked in a cage with a window looking out at people smiling and cooing at them through the glass. Any puppy locked up in a cage would rather be out there where the action is and lapping up all the attention it can get. Puppies sold in pet stores are offered for sale at exactly the time that they are their cutest and most beguiling. That sells puppies and that generates profits for those where money is the bottom line.


I would never buy a puppy from a puppy mill!

Good for you! However, puppy mills are not always what they seem. People in general think of a Puppy Mill as a mass production breeding operation with deplorable conditions as seen in the newspaper and television when a Mill is “busted”. Of course no one wants to support such operations, but many unsuspecting puppy buyers may be doing just that. These Mills you hear about are the worst of the worst. But you also need to know that there are other breeding operations that are just as poor. Any breeder who breeds for quantity and profits rather than quality is a poor breeder. Someone who breeds just a few times by accident or by design is sometimes called a backyard breeder.
A commercial breeder is one who breeds as a business for profit. They may have just one breed or many breeds of many dogs. While the dogs may be reasonably housed and cared for and do not live in the deplorable conditions of a “Puppy Mill” there may be no genetic testing done and no care or attention in breeding practices, just the production of lots of puppies. The more that people buy dogs from these sources, the more such puppies will be produced. It’s a vicious cycle. Backyard breeders, commercial breeders and puppy mills are the source of the majority of Pet Store dogs. Well bred puppies simply are not sold in Pet stores.