Breeders are more expensive - FALSE

While an asking price may appear to be higher from a reputable breeder, in part this may be a reflection of all of the testing has been done on their dogs and they guarantee the health of their pups. Breeding ethically and properly can be expensive.


The unethical and commercial breeders often charge exactly the same price, but, without the testing and careful breeding and raising, the puppy will end up being more expensive in the long run.  Pet store puppies often cost significantly more than a registrered purbred from a reputable breeder. In many cases, cross-bred and mixed breed puppies are also sold for huge amounts. Puppy brokers have middle men, their puppies go through several hands before getting to their new owners. Each middle man takes a cut and each one adds a hefty profit on top of expenses.  The cost just goes up and up.


As well, commercial breeders and puppy mills sometimes have puppies that did not sell for assorted reasons, and so discount them to make them more saleable. This is simply a discounted “sale” price to attract potential unsuspecting owners to buy such a puppy. Discounted puppies may have health issues, or may have developped behaviour problems and be lacking in skills that they would have learned when placed into a home at an earlier stage of life. A "sale" may cost more than you bargained for.