Registered puppies are more expensive - FALSE

Many puppy buyers are under the impression that registered puppies are more expensive and that registration costs are very high - This is untrue. Registration costs are not nearly the exorbitant expense that some allude to.  Reputable breeders will never charge more for papers. A pure bred dog is a registered dog: Registration and associated costs are the responsibility of the breeder. Registration costs truly are nominal. In 2009, the cost of registering a litter is just over $20. Once the litter is registered, the breeder can apply for individual papers for each of the puppies. This is the registration certificate that belongs to the puppy and goes to the new owners. The individual registration cost less than $ 20 per puppy if applied for within 4 months of birth. If a breeder delays or if a breeder is not a CKC member, the costs do go up slightly but remain inexpensive. With the costs of registration being so low, there really is no reason for a registered puppy to cost more than an unregistered one. Just as important, is that it is illegal to charge extra for registration and registration costs are the responsibility of the breeder not the buyer. 


Breeders who offer to sell registered puppies for $$$ more than unregistered dogs are simply out for more money, and breeders who tell you that unregistered dogs are so much cheaper are not telling you everything. Charging more for papers is one way that disreputable breeders give an air of respectability. They know that few people will want to pay "extra". They sell more dogs as the lower price makes it sound like you are getting a "deal".   The truth is that their dogs may not even be registerable in the first place. If you pay more for the promised papers, you may never get them.