Companion dog vs Show Potential – what’s the difference?

A breed standard is basically a blue print for the breed. Good breeders strive to breed dogs as closely as possible to this blueprint. This is what keeps a Havanese a Havanese and by breeding only the best to the best, the breed improves for the future. There is no perfect dog but perfection is what we strive for. Dogs designated for showing or breeding are ones that conform most closely to the breed standard and in this way can help to further and improve the breed in subsequent generations.

All dogs of all breeds have faults, some minor, some major. Within a litter, some puppies may be closer to the standard than others. In a well bred litter, the differences may be very subtle, perhaps something as minor as an ear a little too long or a nose a little too short. The puppy is just as well bred, from the same parents, from the same careful breeding program, raised with the same care and attention. A too tightly curled tail in no way impacts the quality or potential for being a wonderful family companion but it may be detrimental to a show career, so such a puppy may be placed into a companion home.