I just want a pet

We are delighted to hear that. All Havanese, whether showing or breeding dogs, or performance stars or anything else, all deserve to be first and foremost beloved companions ie) pets. All these other events are just a very small proportion of the entire time of a dogs’ life. The majority of their life is spent as a pet being loved and being part of their family. So, quite honestly every Havanese deserves to be a “Pet” in the true sense of the word.

Some people say “Just a pet” meaning that it won’t be a show dog. And that’s Ok, but by saying “just” a pet seems to imply that a pet dog is somehow less worthy than a show dog, or less important or that its OK for it to be substandard? Nothing could be further from the truth. True, for a show or breeding dog, breeders choose and keep the best examples of the breed however they do not breed “Show dogs” or Pet dogs” In any well bred litter, there are some of both. They are all equal but just like children; some have different potentials and aptitudes.


Both companion puppies and show potential puppies are born in the same litter, and are equally bred; it only makes sense that they be treated the same in registration matters too.