Registration Matters

Why a CKC registered puppy? Or What unscrupulous breeds won’t tell you. Havanese puppies are expensive and you “just” want a pet, so, can you get an unregistered puppy to save money? For many potential puppy buyers it is an innocent question from an uninformed person. So the key is education. Here we will try to tell you about some of the fallacies and myths about registration and pure bred puppies and pets.

I just want a pet

We are delighted to hear that. All Havanese, whether showing or breeding dogs, or performance stars or anything else, all deserve to be first and foremost beloved companions ie) pets.

What does purebred and registered really mean?

A CKC Registered Dog equals a Pure Bred Dog - This is TRUE; In Canada, the definition of a pure bred dog is a dog of pure proven lineage that is registered by an approved registry.

Registered puppies are more expensive - FALSE

Many puppy buyers are under the impression that registered puppies are more expensive and that registration costs are very high - This is untrue.

It's just a paper - FALSE

That paper may matter a lot more than you think.

Companion dog vs Show Potential – what’s the difference?

A breed standard is basically a blue print for the breed. Good breeders strive to breed dogs as closely as possible to this blueprint.

Breeders are more expensive - FALSE

While an asking price may appear to be higher from a reputable breeder, in part this may be a reflection of all of the testing has been done on their dogs and they guarantee the health of

The puppy at the Pet store looks so lonely – It needs me

FALSE – but that sure is what the pet stores want you to see. Of course the puppies are lonely.

“Without papers” – what can it mean?

A breeder that will sell their dogs without papers is often a back yard breeder or commercial breeder who does not do any genetic testing and for a lower cost you could end up with a puppy that has

All breeders are the same - FALSE

Anyone who has bred a litter of puppies is by definition a "breeder".  That is not an endorsement of quality or care.

I don’t want to wait.

We do understand that. Once you have made the decision to add a puppy to your family, it is difficult to wait. And that’s another ploy used by unethical breeders.

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