Frequently Asked Questions - General Information

The National Club encompasses the entire country from coast to coast. Only the National Club has say in many issues that will shape the future of the breed in Canada (such as the breed standard). Local and regional Clubs have a smaller area of operation. Local Clubs may cover an area as small as a town or city while a regional Club may include a whole province or region of the country. Local and regional clubs may plan and host an assortment of gatherings and special events including local and regional specialties. Joining a local/regional Club provides an opportunity to network, exchange ideas, information, and discuss current issues throughout your city, province or region. Some Local/regional Clubs may be affiliated with the National Club while others remain independent. If I join a local or regional Havanese Club, will I automatically be become a member of the national club? Membership in a local or regional Havanese club does not provide you with membership to the National Club. They are separate entities. You may be a member of both the National Club and a regional/local Club if you wish