Frequently Asked Questions - Membership

This online membership renew process is available for those who choose to renew their membership "on-line". Membership renewal via the postal system is still available who would prefer not to use this online process.

This online process involves four steps:

  1. Read and understand the statement (disclaimer, in bold) below
  2. Fill in the form with  following information about your mailing address, CKC number, etc
  3. Agree to the terms and conditions by clicking on submit
  4. You will be redirected to pay for your renewal membership via paypal and now sending a cheque via snail mail is an option too.

Your completed application will be reviewed by the HFC membership approval committee which takes about 4 to 8 weeks. You will be notified once your application has been reviewed. If your application is approved, your membership will be active as soon as approval is received.

  • Sending in an application does not guarantee acceptance. If your application is denied, you may choose to re-apply after one year. Even if your application is denied, you may still be active with the Club. You may choose a newsletter subscription to keep current with Havanese happennings throughout Canada. You do not need to be a member to attend, participate in and help out at HFC sponsored events. These are good ways for us to learn to know each other better.

Even if you do not meet the criteria for voting membership at this time, you may still meet the criteria for a non-voting member. Occasioanlly it may be more appropriate for you, or you may prefer to, simply be a newsletter subscriber for the time being. As circumstances change, you may be able to re-apply for membership at a later date. Non-members may be active with the club in some capacities, and may attend, particiapte and help out at HFC sponsored events.

What if I don't have a sponsor?

All membership classes do require the sponsorship of a current HFC member in good standing. A sponsor is much more than just a name.  A sponsor would be someone who knows you well and has known you personally for a minimum length of time. A casual relationship or passing acquaintance is not adequate for sponsorship.  We do understand that some potential applicants do not live near existing members. In such circumstances, where distance prevents close personal contact,  there are alternate ways to get to know someone where commitment and informed consent is made for such a goal. It takes time and effort to build a relationship. The members you anticipate to be mentors/sponsors/references need to be aware of your intent; please check with them before providing their name as a referral.  As you get to know members, one may be able to sponsor you in the future.

  • You can choose to print the membership form which can then be filled out and mailed in to Havanese Fanciers Of Canada – c/o Grace Westerson Site 9, Box 25, RR#2 Sundre, Alberta T0M 1X0.   If you have any questions phone: 403-638-3052 or email
  • You can request to have an application sent to your mailing address. Contact our membership secretary at or ph: 403-638-3052 or mail request to Havanese Fanciers Of Canada ; c/o Grace Westerson Site 9, Box 25, RR2 Sundre, Alberta T0M 1X0

It’s up to you. Voting members have the opportunity to be more active by taking on appointments to the Board of Directors and committee chairmanships as well as voting on important issues that affect the Havanese in Canada. To be a voting member, additonal criteria apply and you need to have sufficient breed knowledge to make informed decisions when necessary. Non-voting Associate members, Junior and Foreign members have many of the same benefits but with some restrictions. They can attend meetings and voice their thoughts and opinions. They have a voice but not a vote. They may participate on some committees and are entitled to listing in the on-line membership directory. As your experience and knowledge changes, you may be elligible for or wish to move to a different category of memberhsip. * All breeders are encouraged to apply for voting membership.

No it doesn’t. Being a subscriber only entitles you to be on the mailing list for our newsletter. Subscribers may be anyone who has an interest in Havanese whether they own one or not. Subscribers are not members of the Club and as such have no voice in the Club and are not eligible for any Club benefits. There are no requirements to the Club. If you are currently a subscriber, you may choose to apply for membership if you meet the above criteria.

For All Members

  • HFC members have a voice about many issues related to the Havanese in Canada
  • HFC members are listed on the Club member directory on our website
  • HFC members are eligible for HFC awards and contests          
  • HFC members receive a free subscription to our National Newsletter “Hav News and Views”  
  • HFC members are part of our online e-group, and can attend meetings and discussions
  • Make new friends through newsletter, e-groups, puppy parties and Special events.
  • HFC members have access to Club resources

Additional Benefits for Voting Members

  • only HFC voting members can vote on issues that matter to the Havanese in Canada ( ie. Standard)
  • only HFC voting members who are breeders are listed in the HFC Breeder referral service
  • only HFC voting members are listed in breeder Ads published by the HFC
  • only HFC voting members can be elected or appointed to be on the club Executive and Board of directors
  • only HFC voting members can advertise a Kennel or post litter announcements in the newsletter and website
  • only HFC voting members are entitled to a free kennel card in the newsletter
  • only HFC voting members may receive permission to hold HFC approved judges seminars

HFC members have access to our support network to help with home and breeder referrals as well as help for home evaluations in long distance puppy placements

Membership may provide opportunities to develop cooperative and reciprocal breeding relationships and may help members in finding help and guidance to improved breeding practices.

We wanted the HFC to be open to as many individuals as possible so try to keep membership fees affordable. All memberships include a free subscription to our quarterly newsletter.  HFC membership dues are $35 per year for voting members (rebate for 2nd voting member in same household), $25 for non-voting associate members and $10 juniors. Foreign membership (non-voting) is a little more at $27 because of higher postage for mailings.

If you love the Havanese breed and are looking for ways to volunteer your time and skills for the betterment of the breed, to meet and network with other Havanese Fanciers across the country, to have a voice on issues that matter to the future of the Havanese breed in Canada, to have an outlet to express your passionate love of the breed and have some fun along the way, the HFC may be for you.