Havanese and Children

havanese_and_kidsChildren and Havanese - Destiny or Disaster?
Thoughts of dogs and children bring to mind ideals of unconditional love, constant playmates and devoted companions. However, the picture may not be so rosy unless care is taken to select the right dog. A dog for the kids is only a good idea if the whole family is ready and committed to the care of its new canine family member. As well, not all breeds are suitable as childrens companions. Some breeds because of size (too big or too small), others because of temperament or nature or because of tactile or noise sensitivity or a low tolerance for irritability. Many people assume that a small dog is ideal for a small child. They forget that many toy breeds are fragile and often intolerant of teasing and rough handling. The majority of Toy dogs are best suited to homes with no children or with older considerate children only. Of course, there are exceptions.

The delightful Havanese is a Toy breed which is exceptionally well suited to a family with children. He is not nearly as fragile as his size suggests. Rather, the Havanese has a very sturdy build similar to a small terrier. This makes him solid enough to withstand some rough and tumble play. Havanese adore children and enjoy their company. Even when they have not been raised together, they seem to get along especially well. Havanese are happy and sweet natured with an easy going temperament and love nothing better than to be in the middle of any and all family activities. Havanese are natural little clowns with a penchant for doing tricks to get attention. They are extremely playful and will play tirelessly at any game. Havanese have a spirited sense of humour and retain their lively playfulness through most of their lives. Havanese are very responsive and easy to train which may also make them a good choice for a junior handler in the show ring as well as in performance events like Obedience or Agility'.

As with all breeds, training and supervision are important. Your Havanese puppy needs to learn basic manners and children must be taught to be kind, considerate and gentle. They must not be allowed to tease mercilessly, nor to pull at fur, ears and tails. Gentle and proper handling must be taught and promoted by responsible adults. Not only will your Havanese be a playmate and friend, he is also a dependant member of the family who needs love and care in return. Puppy classes or obedience classes where the whole family can attend are an excellent idea.

When selecting a Havanese for your family, temperament is the most important factor. Choose a well bred puppy from a reputable breeder. A decisive factor should be the sire and dam. They will be the best indication of how a puppy may grow up. When a Havanese joins a family, he looks forward to and expects to be an important part of it. In return he will give unending love, devotion, amusement and pleasure. Making people happy is his greatest joy and goal in life.

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Education Committee