Big Dogs Living With Small Dogs

Havanese_and_GoldenHavanese and Goldens Living Together!

For 5 years I researched and studied what small dog would best compliment our Golden gang. What "little" dog had all the characteristics I was looking for? I wanted a dog that was good with children, intelligent, fun-loving, enjoyed the out-of-doors, and finally beautiful. To be honest I was looking for everything I had in a Golden but smaller. What I landed on was the Havanese. They are NOT little Goldens but they do meet all the criteria plus some. For example, the way they whiz down woodland trails (summer and winter) seemingly airborne, at times somersaulting. What a delight!

Problems? Probably the most difficult thing to deal with is toys! My Goldens just won’t let the Havs enjoy their toys. They insist on hoarding them for themselves, especially if it’s round, rolls and a squeaky is hidden inside.

Since we share our home with our Goldens and Havanese, protecting their respective toys has been an issue. What I have had to do is find toys that are suitable for both breeds. The best toy, aside from a tennis ball, has been a large ball with holes in it with a squeaky toy inside. This toy is virtually indestructible and played with by dogs of all sizes and ages. The tennis ball has turned our Havanese into retrievers par excellence! They love the game of fetch just as much as the Goldens.....and because they are so fast and agile they sometimes even outsmart the Goldens.

big_dogs_with_smallSurprises? Their "oh so beautiful" long silken coat!. Truly luxurious but just what the brambles, twigs and leaves love! My solution to this problem is to keep my dogs in puppy coats after they have finished their show career. This suits our particular lifestyle. It also suits the play that goes on between the Goldens and Havanese which can be rather alarming if you didn't know it was just play. The Goldens love to mouth the Havanese making deep guttural sounds, which the Havs love. The Havs for their part like to hang on to the Goldens’ long bushy tails and go for a ride through the house.

Now, the Havanese outnumber the Goldens in our household. However, neither breed rules the roost (both do!) and they get along tremendously well together. It has been a rewarding learning experience for us all! I wonder sometimes if our Goldens and Havanese are unsure which they are, big or small!

The combination of big dogs with Havanese requires careful thought and research as not all will be suitable companions. Goldens and Havanese have proven to be a perfect match for me; other Havanese breeders/owners have found similar compatibility with other large breeds with complimentary soft sweet loving personalities.

- Previously published in Dogs In Canada – August 2005

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By Elizabeth Obrecht - Previously published in Dogs In Canada – August 2005