Sable & White (CKC colour #354)

Both Sable areas and White areas are significantly present in the coat; either one may be the predominant colour or they may be equally represented. It could be a sable dog with white feet and blaze, or white trim; one with classic Irish pied markings or a predominantly white dog with irregular sable patches.   “Sable & white” identifies the dominant colours in the coat but does not specify the pattern in which these colours are laid out. A dark face mask may be present. Mask may range in intensity and extent from a simple darkened muzzle to a raccoon-type mask around the eyes to a full dark face extending into the ears. Some sables also have a dark dorsal stripe, dark tail and dark paws. The eyerims, lips and nose are black.
Depending on the colour of the base coat and the extent of the black tipping/overlay, the sable portions of the coat can appear cream, gold, red or silver.

Sable and White (with dark mask)