Gold & White (CKC#204)

Two colour coat. Both Gold and White are significantly present in the coat; either one may be the predominant colour or they may be equally represented. It could be a gold dog with white feet and blaze, or white trim; one with classic Irish pied markings or a predominantly white dog with irregular gold patches.   "Gold & white" identifies the colours present in the coat but does not specify the pattern in which these colours are laid out.The eyerims, lips and nose are black.

Note: To some extent gold and red may be subjective as different people see different tones and shades. What one person calls gold, another may call red. Look for the undertones.There are definite yellow undertones to the coat. The variations in gold colour found in the coloured portions of a Gold & White Havanese are reminiscent of the differing shades of colour you would see in the Golden Retriever.

Gold and White


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