Chocolate & White (CKC#539)

Two colour coat. Both Chocolate and White are significantly present in the coat; either one may be the predominant colour or they may be equally represented. It could be a chocolate dog with white feet and blaze, or white trim, one with classic Irish pied markings or a predominantly white dog with irregular chocolate patches.   "Chocolate & White" identifies the colours present in the coat but does not specify the pattern in which these colours are laid out.

As with solid chocolate dogs,  Chocolate & white dogs have self-coloured pigment in liver/brown instead of black for eyerims, lips and nose. There is no black on a chocolate & white dog at all.

Note: The eyes of a brown/liver pigmented dog are generally lighter than those of a black pigmented dog , ranging from medium to light brown or occasionaly dark amber.

 Chocolate and whiteChocolate and whiteChocolate and White