Brindle (CKC colour # 105)

Pattern of dark specks and/or streaks on a lighter base coat. Streaks or stripes can be soft and indistinct or sharp and well defined. A dark face mask may be present. Mask may range in intensity and extent from a simple darkened muzzle to a raccoon-type mask around the eyes or extend to include the entire face and the ears. Some masked brindles also have a dark dorsal stripe, dark tail and dark paws. The eyerims, lips and nose are black. 
In some breeds the brindle pattern is a common occurrence.  Some examples include the Whippet, Greyhound, Boxer, French Bulldog, Akita, Cairn Terrier, and, less frequently, Havanese. The pattern is clearly visible in the short coated breeds, but for the longer coats, tends to become blended in appearance because of the lengthIn these breeds, which includes the Havanese, the most predominant colour in a mature coat will typically be what is seen externally, unless the coat is parted, or shaved down, when the brindle pattern will be more obvious.







There is much confusion between Brindle and Sable but they are distinctly different. The photo below shows brindle and sable puppies side by side; one brindle puppy at the topright and one sable puppy at the bottom.  The close up photo is of the brindle streaking on the shoulder area of the brindle puppy on the right. Brindle streaking/striping will be most noticeable on a young puppy before the long coat grows in and obscures the markings.