Care and Maintenance

Personal care and hygiene is important to us all and is equally important to all dogs including the Havanese. Topics include grooming, travel, diet, and so much more.

Basic Havanese Puppy Grooming

pup_groomGetting a Havanese puppy used to grooming can be challenging, but with a puppy that will grow into a long coated dog, it is a necessary evil!

Your Havanese breeder should have started the basics with the puppy but you will need to carry this on for life of your dog. I always have great tasting treats on hand when I am working with a puppy.

Basic Havanese Puppy Grooming: Bath time

pup_bathOnce your Havanese is freshly brushed and groomed, its bath time. Have your supplies close at hand, as well as a few tasty treats nearby for rewarding good behavior and keeping things fun. Ready? Let’s get wet.

Boarding - Do you have a plan?

We arrived home to find waterfalls cascading from the upstairs bathroom. Both bathrooms and portion of the living room was destroyed. When the adjuster arrived and noticed our six dogs, he reluctantly suggested that we board the dogs.

Coping With Winter

havanse_and_snowThe Havanese breed was developed in Cuba; his light-as-air coat meant to insulate against the island heat. But what about the cold? It may be a surprise to find, that, like an eiderdown, in the heat of summer, the profuse Havanese coat insulates to keep the dog cool, in winter it traps heat to help keep him warm. This does not make your Havanese a hardy outdoor winter dog, but it may allow him enough protection to enjoy short outings in the winter wonderland.

Country Living With Our Havanese

country_livingWhile rural living has its special charm, there are unique considerations and precautions needed when a Havanese is part of the family. The risk of predators is one of these and we have to constantly think of ways to protect our Havanese. Havanese love to dart, run and make sudden turns in play; such actions mimic escaping prey and may attract sharp eyed predators.

Holiday Hazards

In the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, amid decorating, wrapping, baking and celebrating; keeping an eye on all the two legged and 4 legged kids is quite a task. When you least expect it, you may find that your usually well-behaved Havanese has suddenly become a snoop, thief, glutton, shredder and destroyer extraordinaire. What happened? The holidays present many challenges and stresses for everyone, including your Havanese.

Home Away From Home

Determining the right boarding kennel that is right for you and your Havanese. Be prepared.

Perils of Candy & Chocolate

chocolatesGiving gifts of chocolate and candy to loved ones is a time honoured tradition and if statistics are correct, most of us regard these sweets as delicious, decadent treats. Would you share your sweets with your very best friend if you knew it could poison or even kill them? If your loved one happens to be your Havanese, that is exactly what could happen.

Tear Staining: Causes and Cures


There are few things more unsightly than rusty tear stains marring the appearance of an otherwise beautifully groomed Havanese. This will of course be most noticeable on white and other light coloured Havanese and less visible, though no less of an issue, on a Havanese with a dark face.

Traveling With Your Havanese

travel_crateHavanese form very strong attachments to their families and would rather be with their people than anywhere else. This tendency, along with their very portable size makes the Havanese an ideal travel companion. Havanese are a well traveled bunch, cruising around the countryside in motor homes with their retired owners or motoring down south to winter in sunny states with snowbird couples.