What if I don’t currently meet the Criteria for Membership?

Even if you do not meet the criteria for voting membership at this time, you may still meet the criteria for a non-voting member. Occasioanlly it may be more appropriate for you, or you may prefer to, simply be a newsletter subscriber for the time being. As circumstances change, you may be able to re-apply for membership at a later date. Non-members may be active with the club in some capacities, and may attend, particiapte and help out at HFC sponsored events.

What if I don't have a sponsor?

All membership classes do require the sponsorship of a current HFC member in good standing. A sponsor is much more than just a name.  A sponsor would be someone who knows you well and has known you personally for a minimum length of time. A casual relationship or passing acquaintance is not adequate for sponsorship.  We do understand that some potential applicants do not live near existing members. In such circumstances, where distance prevents close personal contact,  there are alternate ways to get to know someone where commitment and informed consent is made for such a goal. It takes time and effort to build a relationship. The members you anticipate to be mentors/sponsors/references need to be aware of your intent; please check with them before providing their name as a referral.  As you get to know members, one may be able to sponsor you in the future.