Particolour (CKC#304)

Particolour is a general pattern rather than a specific colour. Particolour  identifies that the dog has defined areas of colour as well white on the coat, but does not identify the colour(s) or further specify the extent or predominance of these. The term "Particolour" has two different meanings.

1) First it is the broad and general term for any dog that has a broken coat colour consisting of one or more colour(s) plus any degree of white.

2) Secondly, the name is also used to designate a more specific pattern of colour/white where a dog is more than 50% white with irregular patches of one or more colours.  Note: This second defintion is generally the most common understanding of particolour by Havanese owners.

A breeder might choose the general pattern "particolour" for assorted reasons. A breeder may select this choice where their Havanese has two or more colours in addition to the white and the choice of "colour + white" is not adequate to identify it.  A breeder might also select this choice where the coloured portions of the coat are changing rapidly and it is hard to choose what the dominant colour is or one where the colour is so subjective as to be difficult to identify. The choice may also be the one where a breeder feels that it is important it identify the pattern.