HavaneseHavanese Fanciers of Canada (HFC), the national breed Club for the Havanese in Canada, aspires to high ideals of integrity and honour in all personal and public relationships so we may inspire confidence in our organization and merit the respect of the public we serve. We are the stewards of the breed and take that responsibility seriously. We are committed to the responsible promotion and protection of the Havanese breed in Canada.


Annual HFC 2015 Havanese Calendar

2015-Front CoverAll of the photos in the 2015 edition of our HFC calendar have been sent in to us by our members and their puppy families. We hope you enjoy sharing them as much as we enjoyed putting them together for you. Havanese fun every day of the year.


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Hav News and Views


The 10th Annual Havanese Specialty was Held in Winnipeg this summer, hear all about it in this issue of the Hav News and Views!

Havanese Illustrated Standard



Illustrated Standard coverTHE HAVANESE: Illustrated Breed Study Guide
based on the Canadian Kennel Club standard

Companion to the official Canadian Kennel Club breed standard.Get to know the breed from inside out and understand the defining traits and subtle differences that make a Havanese a Havanese.

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HAVANESE Official Breed Standard - C.K.C.

Despite publicity to the contrary, there have been no changes, additions, or deletions to the Havanese breed standard. The standard remains exactly as it was, effective since January 1st, 2011.

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